About Me

Hi, I am Annie
Welcome to my adventure as a "Mommy Blogger"

In just three years time I have become a wife and stay-at-home mom of two little girls, only sixteen months apart in age.  As you can imagine, my life is crazy! I went from being a single free spirited  "look out world here I come" kind of a gal, to a mommy who spends most of her days picking up cheerios, changing diapers and running back and forth between her kids.  Glamorous I know!  Five years ago I would have told you that this sounds like about the worst thing I could have imagined for myself!  I was wrong... I absolutely love it!

Being a mom is hard work! Some days,  I am convinced I am loosing my mind!! I don't sleep much and it seems like just when I get one child's needs met, the other needs me. (I am sure you can relate. If not, whats your secret?) Some days I don't make it out of my sweatpants. But nothing gives me more joy than the relationship I have with my children. Becoming a mom was like a spiritual awakening for me. When my oldest daughter was born, a part of me that I never knew existed was born too.
Some more stuff about me:
I love Jesus!
He is the foundation for it all. For this blog, my commitment to my family, My life.

 I also love...
coffee (can't get through a morning without it)
 decorating my home (DIY style)
all things vintage
listening to Billie Holiday
 spending time with the people I love
 visiting cute cafes and coffee shops
 planning parties
old movies
 hot baths at the end of the day
  bringing the beauty out of ordinary things

I seriously don't have time to blog! I might be a little bit crazy for doing this...

I am a recovering perfectionist.

When I write, there is usually a baby on my hip. I am getting pretty good at typing with one hand.

 a cup of black tea with lots of milk and sugar usually gets me through the afternoon

I am a sucker for classic rock

I love naps and wish I could take more of them

1 comment:

  1. So happy to have found you! I'm a new follower. I'm anxiously awaiting my time of "mommyhood", I'm at the eve of that season in my life, so while I'm so excited to be a mama soonish, I live through bloggers and mama's like you until the time is right for us ;)

    Beautiful family!


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