Monday, December 3, 2012

Memory Lane Library 3rd Edition

Today I am excited to add another classic children's book to our Memory Lane Library collection. 

Today's addition: the Eloise Wilkin books. 

Do you remember reading these books as a child? 

My favorite thing about them are the sweet illustrations.

The ones I have the most vivid memories of reading as a child are:

For Christmas my little girls are getting:


I am so excited to begin building memories of reading these precious books with my girls. 

Their lovely pictures and inspiring messages have made a lasting  impression on my heart. They remind me of a simpler time: taking me back to places like my grandmother's living room, and the loving bedtime embrace of my parents. 

Which Eloise Wilkin classic was your favorite?  

Happy Reading and Reminiscing...

1 comment:

  1. SO Cute! I remember reading these with mom :) I love My goodnight Book, we used to say the girl on the cover looked like you!


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