Monday, July 30, 2012

My Heart is Full...

It is in those insane moments,

(say for example when you are laid-over at a busy airport with a double stroller the size of a small house, two babies under age two, and four carry on bags!) :)

that the love and privilege of family transcends all of the meltdowns, tiredness and chaos of life and reminds me just how blessed I am.

As I watch my husband lovingly soothe our toddler or feel him kiss my head and remind me that he loves me, just after we the ones who are supposed to be the grown-ups  have both just melted down ourselves, my heart wells up.  I look at my two little girls and my husband and think, about how much I love my little family.

We don't have a perfect life, or a glamorous one, but we have each other.  We have a love that transcends failure and we are a team.  I look at the three of them, ponder the miracle that they are, and my heart swells with joy and gratitude.

In a quiet second I take it all in.

I let out a sigh,

 and thank God

for the unexpected gift

of my precious little family.

I am blessed.


  1. "perfect" is so hard to live up to, one of hte main reasons I created the word "mumfection" for my blog, a perfection that is forgiving lol

    love your blog super cute, new follower from the monday mingle!!

    1. Glad you hopped over and decided to follow! :)

  2. Your family IS precious!! It was so good to see you all!! <3

    1. thanks Julie! I have some super cute pictures of all the cousins together! I will try to put them up on fb tomorrow :)

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower from the naptime Review blog hop. I know what you mean about taking the time to just stop and soak in that moment. Some days run smoothly and some days are a little more hectic, but then you get a little smile from your kid and it will melt your heart and it makes you stop and think how you can't imagine life any other way! You have a beautiful family!

  4. well said :) your family is beautiful! Thank you for the follow, following back!

  5. What a sweet post! I'm new to your blog... found you on the Secret Life of Samara... but am loving it so far. I'd love it if you'd share this on my blog's life lately link up : )


  6. Participating in Mom's Monday Mingle for the first time! I'm your newest fan. :)


  7. tearing up over are such a cute family!

    Drop by and say hello! Have a great day!


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