Thursday, July 5, 2012

Homemaker's Confessional: Confession # 2

Occasionally I have those glorious, wonderful, heavenly, angels singing in the background kind of days where all of our laundry is washed, folded and put away.

And then, there is the rest of the time...

which leads me to my second homemaking confession.

Let me put it this way, Bennet isn't sleeping in her crib yet but that doesn't mean that the crib is not getting plenty of use in our house.

This is where our clean laundry has been ending up...

I know it is terrible and so embarrassing!

But I have gotten to a point where I am learning to relax about it and am trying to stop apologizing for it every time someone walks through my door.

Not because I have given up on my attempt at staying ahead of the laundry game,

but because I refuse to allow my utter laundry failure to be a petree dish that cultivates condemnation in my home.

I have done it for too long and I am stopping!
(or at least trying to stop anyway)

I read a blog post from Sarah Mae a while back where she asked the question "what are you doing to guard your children from shame?"

That question really stuck with me, and I have been pondering it ever since.

What am I doing to guard my children from shame?

A lot of personal conviction has come along with the answers to this question.

Mostly because I realized that the easiest way to let shame into my home isn't necessarily by shaming my children, I try to be very conscious of protecting them in that regard.

But what about letting shame into my home, by shaming myself?
Or worse, shaming my husband?

Now these are two areas where those little shame foxes can creep right on into my home
and no one notices because we are too busy guarding the opposite fence.

I have greater influence on my children than probably any other person on this planet will.  How I view myself and my sin in relation to God will most likely influence how they view themselves and their own sin in relation to him as well.

My children learn from my example. They learn how to love God, others, and themselves from me before anyone else.  Am I viewing myself and my circumstances correctly?

Do I let the things that are out of my control
or areas where I am lacking cause me forget to that God is in control and that he loves me regardless of my imperfections?

If I want to teach my children that God's love and atonement for sin are unconditional, then I have to live that truth out in my own life; in every area of my life.

How can I guard my children from shame if I am not guarding myself from it?

If a mom always pretends she is perfect, and never deals with her sin, then her kids will probably always feel shame because they will not know how to handle it when their own inadequacy inevitably slaps them in the face. They will have a difficult time understanding that imperfection is a normal part of life that must confronted and left at the cross.

Contrarily, if  I am constantly allowing my shortcomings to consume me, then I am also welcoming shame to consume me as well.  If I am doing this, then I am definitely not guarding my home from shame and not giving my children an accurate view of who God is and what he did for me and them on the cross. 

I am a sinner! 
My kids will see that no doubt!
 I have a responsibility to acknowledge and carry that sin to the cross before the eyes of my children; to acknowledge in front of them that God is greater than my sin and theirs!

This is living out the gospel before them, and if I am not living it, then all the bible teaching and testimony in the world is not going to hold any weight in their eyes. 

I have a responsibility to find my identity in my creator and not in the lie that my imperfections are too great for me to be who God says I am. 

He thought me up.

He created me.

He died for every sin I have and will commit.

He took my shame and my children's shame.

Therefore He and He alone has the last word about who I am!

If I want to keep the doors of my children's hearts barred against shame,
I must first keep my own heart guarded against it.

 (I also have to refrain from letting my insecurities drive me to inadvertently shame my husband, but that is a whole nother post)

I totally have a huge laundry problem!

But that doesn't change the fact that God sees in me a women who is trying her darndest at this whole wife/mother/ homemaker thing.

For that, He is proud of me.

I am still in process, and have a long way to go with all of this,
but the next time someone comes over and the laundry has accumulated in the crib, or some other strange place...

I can try to simply shrug my shoulders,

sigh at the laundry pile,

and acknowledge it in a way that says, "hey, it doesn't make or break me."

Then, I will do my best to serve that guest with some dynamite hospitality.

What will they remember more?

The pile of laundry in my baby's crib

or the hot cup of tea and refreshing conversation that took place in the next room?

So, You

 wonderful beloved of God lady,

know that no one has it all together!

That is a myth we have created in our minds.

Whether you are a laundry diva, or laundry challenged like myself,

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you 
are not alone in your struggles!

And You know what?

Laundry or not,

I'll bet your kids,

your hubby,

and the other people in your life who love you,

Think you're the greatest!


  1. Haha,looks just like our crib used to when we didn't have a baby in it!! Now the cradle in our bedroom holds the laundry 'til I get to it (& let me tell ya - some of it has been there for a week or better! :O )

  2. HA HA! Yes ours has definitely been in there that long if not more! :)

  3. What a cute blog. Love the inspiration you provide. Newest GFC follower from Wiegand hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can.


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