Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Dance

Today I am doing another fun link-up!

I am linking up with Lisa Jo at Lisa Jo Baker (formerly the gypsy mama) for  Five-Minute Friday

Here are the rules: 
I have to write for 5 minutes flat about the prompt that Lisa gives. 
No back tracking, no editing,  no over thinking

This weeks prompt:


Ok, here goes, timer set and write...

I watch her dance
This sweet baby of mine
arms flailing
legs up and down
A smile with enough innocence and joy to set the whole world aglow

she doesn't care
she thinks shes great
she isn't worried how she looks
she just enjoys the moment
all she knows is she hears a sound that makes her happy

so she wants to dance
she moves to it
she is full of joy
so proud of herself at her great accomplishment

in her eyes she looks beautiful
she doesn't even care how she looks, but if she were to care, she would think she was beautiful

The doubt hasn't set in yet
The world has not yet told her that she looks silly,
that she is off beat
or that the song is not beautiful it is dorky

she is free! 

I want to be free like that 
and the mommy heart inside of me wants her to be free like that forever 
I don't want anyone to stop her
I don't want the world to come at her with its harsh words, criticism and judgement
I know I can't but I want to protect her forever
I want her to always believe that she is as beautiful and talented as she does in this moment
I want her to always be as proud of herself as she is right now

I don't want the harsh words to come at her and stop her dance

My sweet baby,

I can not always protect you

but I will always be here for you

I will always champion your dance

I will always light up when I see you smile and flail your arms

I will always melt when your eyes light up the way they do when you dance. 

I will always be proud of you

and to me you will always be the most beautiful dancer in the world

You are my inspiration, my love, my joy, my heart

You are God's perfect creation

He loves your dancing more than I

He and I, will always be admiring

He and I will always dance with you

I love you

Thank you for the joy of your dance


...ok, this no editing stuff is driving me CRAZY!  Ahhhh! 

But...we are playing by the there you have it, my five minutes uncut on 

If you want to join the fun, click the button below and it will take you straight to Lisa Jo's prompt where  you can get the skinny and link-up with us.

Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday


  1. I so sympathize with the non editing thing! But you shouldn't was absolutely beautiful and the photo of your cutie pie is what lured me in. Glad I did! :)


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