Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{The Art} of Packing a Sun Hat

Just because we are moms, does not mean that we can't take the time to enjoy some fun stuff  just for us once in a while...

Which is why I wanted to share this fun and smart little tutorial with you. I stumbled upon it during a 2 am feeding with my five month old: 
Guess where I found it?... 


 Also, Anthro now has a Pinterest page which duh, I'm following.

I am so happy that sun hats have made a comeback over the last couple of years because I LOVE them and never gave up hope that they would return in all their stylish, Grace Kelly-esque  Glory!

So if you're taking a trip this summer

Pack that sun hat!

Now you have no excuse not to.

Whoever said we can't vacay with our kids in style?

Even if you do have cheerios stuck to your butt, who cares? You are rockin' the hat!

You are a mammalicious beauty, embrace it from the inside out! 

Happy Sunning!

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