Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memory Lane Library

Don't you just love the feeling of coming across a book from your childhood?  I think when we are children the books we read become a part of us.  When I stumble upon a book from my childhood, it is like being reconnected with an old friend.  There seems to be an emotional connection that takes place between us and the literature that helped to shape our imaginations as children.

Now as a mom, I get to share those same books that brought me so much joy and wonder with my kids.  I am so excited about it!  I am always on the lookout for vintage books to add to our collection and recently stumbled across this one that I used to LOVE when I was little and totally forgot about!  I  am so glad I found it!  I definitely need to add this one to our collection...

Remember Corduroy?

 Happy Reading & Reminiscing! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sometimes you Just Gotta Laugh at Yourself

 You know you're a mom when...

You are going somewhere without your kids and wanna look somewhat cute. You quickly throw on a cute outfit and a little makeup while rushing out the door. Once you get there,  someone points out that you have cheerios stuck to your knees. Anyone else been there?

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself ...

Hey,  if anyone can rock cheerio knees (or sadly, cheerio butt sometimes) and still be fabulous, its a mom! 

"Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." 
-William Makepeace Thackeray

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The journey begins...

Three years ago today I became a wife.  Hence, today, the anniversary of that day seemed like an appropriate occasion to write the first ever Luv U to the Moon blog post.  My wedding day, in a sense, was the beginning of it all.  The moment when I was hurled onto a path of joy, self discovery and challenges that I was completely unprepared for and yet absolutely needed.

I have to be honest,  marriage has not been easy for my husband and I.  In fact, it has unarguably been the greatest challenge of my life thus far.  I don't make that statement lightly.  I think I have been to my knees more in the past three years than at any other time in my life. 

However as I am processing through the pain, frustration and disappointment that my husband and I have had to wade through, there is this incredible sense of beauty, mystery, humility and even joy that I feel about it. 

Since this season of my life began I have had to endure pain that at times has felt unbearable.  I have had to fight for my my marriage to a point where I didn't think I had any fight left in me.  I have had to learn what it really means to be committed to somebody when everything that is human in me wants to run.  In the midst of a culture that tells me "It shouldn't be this hard" "If you aren't happy, just get out of it" I have had to put my heels of commitment to the ground and trust God to cover me; as all of my expectations for what I thought my marriage and future would be came collapsing down around me.  I made a covenant with God, and to the man I chose to marry.  I am compelled and obligated to that promise and in those moments where I have wanted to be anywhere but here, God has sustained me.  Even though most of the time I have been ungrateful, unkind, proud, blamed God for all of my problems and refused to believe truth, He has been faithful to me.  I have looked into eyes of a God who fought for me unto the point of ultimate suffering and said, "I won't do it, I won't fight for our beloved" and yet still, God has remained by my side.  He has put the fight in me.  Justin and I both have made so many mistakes, and yet still...God is restoring us.  He has us on the road to healing and is using our brokenness to teach us things about Him, each other and ourselves that I don't know we could have learned any other way.

  Through it all I can say, my husband is wonderful. Not perfect but wonderful. He has loved me when I have been nasty and unlovable and failed to show him the grace that God has shown me.  He has embraced my flaws, loved our babies and fought for our family.  He has faced shame, adversity, fear and failure in order to pursue a path of growing into the man that God wants him to be.  He has loved me unconditionally and been such an incredible father to our babies...and for that I am grateful.

 I am in awe of this mysterious God who uses pain to cultivate immeasurable good in our lives.  Some days I see how different Justin and I are and wonder why in the world God put us together?  "What was He thinking?!!!"  Then in the next moment I realize how perfect we are for each other and how I couldn't imagine being married to anyone else.  My husband and I needed each other.  He needed me to force him to confront his own demons.  I needed to stand alongside him in the battle for our marriage, in order to learn  things about myself, God and true love that I am convinced I could not have learned any other way.  God has used these hardships to bring more beauty into my life than I even thought I needed: the beauty of victory, as I am taking ground in a battle that continues on; the beauty of self realization and progressive freedom from my own brokenness; and the beauty of realizing just how deep into the thick of the battle one can go in the name of love.  It is in the midst of our difficulties my husband and I are building an intimacy that is deeper than we can understand or explain.  We are experiencing the mysteries of God's faithfulness, grace and restoration in a greater way than either of us could have anticipated.

When I began this journey three years ago,  I didn't know it then but God was setting me onto a path that would bring me a gift greater than I ever could have thought possible: my precious little girls!  My heart is filled with more love for them than I can explain.  God knew the battle for my marriage, and the very survival of my heart was coming, and so I believe He gave me a gift; something to help me through.  In C.S. Lewis' classic story The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, the great Asland bestows upon each of the four children Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy a special gift unique to each of them.  A gift that he knows will come to their aid in the future.  My babies in a similar way have been my gift to help me through what God knew was coming in my life.  Yes, it has been hard to walk through what we have had to, and take care of babies and deal with difficult pregnancies, but my girls have given me joy and purpose when I desperately needed something other than sadness and feeling sorry for myself to cling to.  Experiencing the love for our girls that is welling up inside of both of our hearts has drawn Justin and I together, and given us and even greater reason to press on toward the front lines of battle.

So today, I don't just celebrate my wedding anniversary. I celebrate a season of my life called marriage and motherhood.  The highest and hardest calling I ever imagined for myself. God is using both its challenges and joyous blessings to do what feels like daily doses of heart surgery.  Every painful cut and every blessed stitch draws me closer to Him and hopefully is preparing me to be an ambassador of hope to others who so desperately need God's healing touch in their own lives.

Three years ago today I began the journey that has compelled me to write this blog.  Today I take my first step of sharing that journey with you. Hope it blesses you!

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